How to Have a Successful Summer Staycation

How to Have a Successful Summer Staycation

If your work schedule, children’s activities, or other life events prevent you from taking a summer vacation, a staycation can be the next best thing. In fact, you may prefer staying in your own home to the fast-paced and chaotic schedule that comes with an action-packed trip. Read on for ideas to create a memorable summer staycation experience.

Hire a Private Chef

One of the best parts about vacation is not having to cook. Hire a private chef one night to come over and prepare a multi-course meal experience during your staycation. You can further elevate the experience by hiring an event designer to design a beautiful tablescape. With the atmosphere, prep work, cooking and clean-up being handled, all you will need to do is come downstairs and soak in the experience.

Create a Restaurant Itinerary

On the nights when you don’t have a private chef, make a list of restaurants you’ve been meaning to visit where you haven’t had a chance. Then, make your reservations, hire a car service and arrive in style to enjoy a leisurely meal out on the town. 

Have a Cooking Contest

During your regular schedule, meal times can be hectic as you juggle everyone in the household’s schedules. During your staycation, host a cooking contest. Whether you divide into teams or assign each person to a portion of the meal. Have a prize ready for the best dish.

Take a Spa Day

A vacation isn’t complete without a trip to the spa. So book a spa day where you can unplug and spend the day relaxing and being pampered.

Spend a Pool Day Without the Kids

If you have young children, you know that a pool day isn’t the most relaxing experience. Set aside one of your staycation days for a pool day sans kids. Bring a book and magazines and enjoy the time alone, relaxing, without reapplying sunscreen every 30 minutes and handing out snacks.

Take in the Sunset

On vacation, taking in the sunset is part of the evening routine. Make a point to savor this sliver of time with your family or partner during your staycation. It’s a relaxing way to transition into dinner or as a way to end the meal.

Let Each Family Member Plan a Day

Make your staycation an experience for everyone to enjoy. Let each family member plan a day of the staycation from start to finish. Of course, if your children are younger, they will need help executing the plan. However, letting everyone weigh in will give each family member a sense of ownership and something to be excited about.

Incorporate the Destinations You’ve Been Putting Off

Everyone has a list of destinations nearby that you’ve wanted to visit but haven’t gotten around to. Let your staycation be the time where you explore these local gems. Whether it’s a local farmer’s market, zoo, amusement park, or even boutique, slow down during your staycation and take in your local attractions.

End Your Evenings Around the Fire

Conclude each night of your staycation around the outdoor fire. Use this opportunity to reconnect, talk about the day and relax before heading in for a good night’s rest.

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