How to Host the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night

How to Host the Ultimate Outdoor Movie Night

Summer means staying up later, spending the longer nights outdoors, and soaking up this fleeting time by spending it with family and friends. One of the best ways to do this is to host an outdoor movie night to take advantage of being able to unwind at night under the stars. Whether you host a movie night for kids or adults, read on for the accessories you need to host the ultimate outdoor movie night.

Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector

An oversized movie screen is a perfect backdrop for settling in to watch a movie under the stars. Whether it’s a pull-down screen built into your outdoor space or a portable screen, a large screen will lend to a magical movie night experience for all ages.

Outdoor Television

An outdoor television is perfect for curling up and taking in your favorite flick for evenings when you don’t want to pull out the movie screen. This is especially ideal if you have a small crowd or having a family movie night at home.

Popcorn Machine and Bar

A popcorn machine will create an overall authentic movie experience. Elevate this experience by setting up a popcorn bar so guests can add different toppings. Guests can create unlimited combinations of popcorn from extra cheese, a hint of spice, something sweet, savory toppings, and various herbs.

Candy Bar

A salty popcorn bar needs something sweet to complement it. Set up a candy bar with jars of different heights and widths, filling it with candy in different flavors and colors. Include small bags for your guests to create their bespoke candy selection.

Beverage Stations

Multiple beverage stations will ensure everyone remains hydrated on a warm summer evening. Include selections for the adults and the children, such as cocktail ingredients, infused water, bottled water, soda, juice boxes, and mini water bottles for the kids. Don’t forget the ice and any garnishes.

Creative Seating

The creative seating options for an outdoor movie night can be endless, from bean bag loungers, floor cushions, individual child-size tents, or personal cars for kids. Floor cushions can create a Boho vibe, while child-size tents can create a cozy space for kids to cuddle up for a movie under the stars. Small, cardboard boxes made into cars can help the wiggliest little ones stay still for the movie. Or, if you’re planning on a large group, tiered seating can ensure everyone has a view of the screen.

Create Ambiance

As with any event, the ambiance is what elevates the entire experience. Lighting an outdoor fire, ensuring the backyard space has ample lighting and hanging string lights can all improve the overall atmosphere. Take advantage of the outdoor fire by setting up a s’mores bar for a post-movie treat or to enjoy during an intermission.


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